Grand Bank Downtown – Waterfront Redevelopment Study

Size: 460 m2 (4,951 ft2)
Location: Grand Bank, NL
Client: Town of Grand Bank
Architecture: Gibbons Snow Architects Inc.
Engineering: Tim Murray (Prime, Landscape and Civil)
Completion: 2018 (Final Report)

The Town of Grand Bank has identified the need to revitalize the downtown and waterfront area to emphasize its historical significance and cultural value. The consulting team developed and presented a design concept that focused on key elements within the downtown / waterfront area such as congestion and traffic flow, municipal branding, signage, building redevelopment, and overall increased historical visibility.

Several buildings along the existing wharf were identified as historically significant and selected for conceptual redevelopment to convey the waterfront’s potential. The proposal for Emberley’s Transport Building, for example, featured upgraded siding to help restore it to its original condition. The proposed renovation of the Sea King Building showed the potential for large public use spaces and highlighted the opportunity to expand the Grand Bank Regional Theatre capacity.

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