Transport Canada Office Fit-Up

Size: 1 393 m2 (14,995 ft2)
Location: St. John’s, NL
Client: Transport Canada
Architecture: Gibbons Snow Architects Inc.
Engineering: CBCL Ltd. (M&E)
Completion: 2020

Gibbons Snow Architects Inc. were awarded the contract which comprised the general demolition, renovation and new construction in the John Cabot Building, Levels 6 and 7, located at 10 Barter’s Hill, St. John’s; and further identified as the Transport Canada Tenant Fit-Up. In general terms the fit up is approximately 1332 um2 of office to Workplace 2.0 Standards and base building upgrades / replacements on levels 6 and 7 of the John Cabot Building. This fit up accommodates approximately 78 full time employees (FTEs), some of which are located within special purpose spaces. This project is registered with Green Globes and attained 4 Globes.

GSA, CBCL and BGIS worked closely with the client to ensure deliverable deadlines were met throughout the design process, all the way through construction and project completion. Design and construction challenges, which are not uncommon with existing buildings, were met with creative and prompt solutions to keep the project moving. Some additional design challenges included expediting the programming phase of the project with quick turnarounds on planning workshops and concept iterations and phasing of the project under a very tight deadline. Furniture was procured in advance of the construction project to meet deadlines. Although, not quite as large as the proposed ACOA project, this project had very similar parameters, challenges and constraints and is in the same building.

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