Carbonear Academy

Size: 5000 m2 (53, 820 ft2)
Location: Carbonear, NL
Client: Government of NL
Architecture: Gibbons Snow Architects Inc.
Engineering: Kavanaugh Associates Ltd. (Civil), SDI (Structural), Quadratec (M&E)
Completion: 2014

Carbonear Academy, a 5000 Sq. M. K-8 school in Carbonear, NL was led by Greg Snow, who was the Lead Architect and Prime Consultant Lead. This building design used vivid colour and texture to address the architectural challenge of a long and narrow site, carved out of the side of a hill. The primary colours not only fit the context of a K-8 school but are also used as a wayfinding tool throughout the interior and exterior of the building, with colour coding of such circulation elements as stairways, to provide visual clues to students, staff, and visitors, so there are always landmarks to help provide orientation. The treatment of the main entrance marks the gathering place which is the focal point of the building and to welcome students and visitors, and links outside to inside, while making a connection to the recreation centre and playing fields directly across from the school. The canopy shelters students waiting for pick-up and protects the bicycle storage area from the elements. The functions in the building include classrooms, science lab, skilled trades, home economics, gymnasium and fitness centre, library, challenging needs suite, and administrative offices.

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